Bump Update 35 Weeks

Even just writing that kind of shocked me...how am I only a little over a month away from baby boy! I am getting extremely uncomfortable, being only 5'2, towards the end of my pregnancies I feel like there is just no room left. I can't breath if I sit certain ways, I waddle like a duck, and my feet and ankles are the size of tree trunks by the end of the night...so fun! Needless to say I am ever so grateful and love to feel this tiny baby moving around every day. 

We are still debating between two names, Christian likes one and I like another...this should be fun. Here's to hoping the mom who carried him 9 months wins! 

Our nursery is almost done, to be honest it is one of my favorite things to do. I love decorating, I'm not the best, but it makes me happy. Yes this is my third boy, so it's getting more difficult to come up with new ideas for each room. I actually kept the nursery the same for Parks and Lux, but decided to switch it up for the third. 

One question I get asked more than anything...what am I most nervous about. To be honest, it's not the three children, it's the nursing! I am the worst nurser ever, I honestly wish I was a super nurser, but I'm not. Overshare, but I leak 24/7, I have had mastitis multiple times, and I have to eat double my weight in order to keep my milk supply up. Am I complaining??? Maybe... Any tips are greatly appreciated!