Wearing White After Labor Day

Yep I said it... I wear white after Labor Day! My grandma thinks I am crazy, but who honestly made these rules? I'm not saying I'm going to walk out the door in a spring white cocktail dress and sandals. However these white boots and blazer are 100% A ok in my book. 

These boots are going to be a staple for me this fall/winter. Not only are they super comfortable, they go with everything. Pair them with skinny jeans, any color, a dress or a pencil skirt like I did here.

Next is the white blazer, a blazer is always a go to for me, I think they are super flattering (even with a bump). A blazer can be dressed up or dress down. I love dressing them down with a solid v-neck underneath, or a graphic T. To dress up pair it with a fitted dress, or fitted pants and a flowy top.

When all said is said done, don't be surprised if you see me sport some white in the next upcoming months!