A Maternity Romper and a 26 Week Bump Update

This is my third pregnancy, and as crazy as it sounds...probably my easiest. My first two pregnancies I was "deathly ill" till almost 20 weeks. After that I went through about 10 pretty good weeks and then was extremely uncomfortable the last 10. I know so FUN!

So why did I do it again your asking yourself? You truly forget and do it all again...but I have been lucky. I was sick for the first 14 weeks and then have been pretty content since...fingers crossed! Honestly besides my hands and feet hating this EXTREME heat, I can't complain. 

This baby boy is measuring quite "large" according to ultra sounds and my doctor. They have already moved my due date up a week and a half...not complaining over here! I am only 5'2 and both my previous babies were almost 8lbs....bring it on! Nothing wrong with a tall boy right?

I feel as though these next 2 months are going to fly by, with every baby I have my pregnancies go by quicker and quicker. Maybe because I have 2 other crazies running around?! Needless to say I can't wait to meet this baby boy! Heres to hoping the next 12 weeks go by as well as the past 10!



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