Today I have teamed up with Ingrid & Isabel to show how to dress up the bump 3 different ways. Sometimes I become self conscious of my bump, especially when it gets large and in charge! However I have to remember that this is the most miraculous thing that can happen on this Earth, and I get to be apart of it...I know get over myself. But none the less I am still a women and I don't like to be fat so... making myself feel better about myself is the best thing I can do sometimes!

When I pulled out this first dress I smiled from ear to ear, I mean how can you not love that color!? One thing I love about this dress is that I feel like I can wear this dress pretty much year round. The floral makes it ok for spring and summer and the sleeve length and color totally makes it ok for fall and winter. Let's be honest this dress "shows off" the bump, but hey it's mine and what do I have to hide!?


This second look is much more elegant, anything to the floor makes me feel like some sort of royalty. I love the sleeve on this dress, and how the fit is so flattering on a pregnant belly. The "larger" I get the more I see myself drawn to floor length things. I also love the v-neck that this dress has, draws the eye to the pinched waist, that then draws the eye to the bump. No one wants to see anything but the bump anyway...right?