Summer Vacation

So we are finally home from all of our summer trips, and although they were so fun, we are happy to be home! We kicked off our trip by going to Provo Utah, where we saw the Stadium of Fire concert. It is one of my favorite things to do for the fourth. The fireworks are unreal and the concert, by Little Big Town was unforgettable! After we did that we headed up to Star Valley Wyoming, where we saw parts of the country that are like no other parts I have ever seen! It was truly beautiful! Up there we did what I think people these days are calling "Glamping!" In other words, upscale camping! We drove up in a motorhome, which was for sure an experience, and then we stayed in a trailer home while we were up there! It was the American Dream! On the fourth of July we woke up and kicked off the day with a golf cart parade, where Jonesy took first place in the competition! We headed back to Utah the next day to the Pineview Reservoir. This is where we had Justin's dad's family reunion. We all rent townhouses on the lake in this little community! It is so fun they have the lake, pool, and tennis! We had such an amazing time, we boated, relaxed, and my personal favorite hot tubbed a lot! We came home yesterday, and the kids did so good on the drive home, which if you are a mom you know that means everything! As I anticipated the drive home the whole time I was on the trip! We are so glad to be home and get back to a schedule, if you know me you know my schedule is everything to me, but when I am on a trip I have had to learn that you sometimes have to let it go! Just when you get home, get back on it! I hope you are all having an amazing summer, I know we have and there is still more to come!