Holiday Attire

You guys it is exactly 9 weeks to Christmas, which makes me a little ill! Every year I try hard to not get stressed and plan ahead, but for me it seems to not matter what I do it's going to get busy and crazy! That's part of why I love it though! I love this time of year so much! This year we will be staying in town for Thanksgiving, and will be out of town for Christmas and New Years. One thing that you can do that I try to do ahead of time, but like I said doesn't always happen, is I try to get a few staple pieces for my Holiday attire for the Holiday season that I can wear to different functions throughout the season. Whether it is Thanksgiving dinner, Holiday party, New Years, or whatever it is you have. This way when it comes time for your function you don't need to worry about your Holiday attire, it will already be in your closet! Because let's be honest at this time of year the last thing you have time to go do is go shopping for a new Holiday attire, at least I don't. I hope you are all not getting too stressed about the holidays coming, and that you can truly find some time this season to enjoy all the wonderful things that come with this time of year!