The Home Stretch... Final Thoughts Before Baby

It's that time, any day now. We can't wait to squeeze baby brother and see what he looks like! Will he be blonde and blue eyed like Parks or dark and brown eyed like Lux? Will he sleep through the night early like my other two boys, or give him mom a run for her money?! So many questions! So here are my final thoughts before baby arrives.

People often ask me if I am nervous...I don't think I am necessarily nervous for the baby per say. I think I am more nervous how it may change our family dynamic. Will the boys smother him with kisses and love? Or will the resent him for being new and getting all the attention? To be honest I really think my boys will love him, JayCee has had twins for the last nine months and she lives across the street! They are very familiar with babies and can't get enough of them! However, it will be different when I am the mom. Lux is very attached and prefers to even sit on my lap most the day, so I am most concerned about him, but I am sure he will soon learn he is not "the baby" anymore!

I know I have said this before, but nursing scares me to death! With every boy my nursing period has gotten less and my milk supply as well. It's not really a big surprise, no one in my family produces a lot of milk or have been able to nurse very long. I always feel like I need to nurse for a little while, even though the pain makes me want to cry even thinking about it! Mastitis, leaking, can't sleep all things I am dreading. However those quite moments in the middle of the night where it is just me and the baby are all worth it. I love the bonding and one on one time that we get. 

I feel pretty prepared as far as nesting, being my third I feel like you just snap back into newborn mode. With my second it was crazy how quickly I remembered things. I am a hard core Baby Wise momma and I felt like I was implementing it before I even knew I was. I am so excited to try and share all these fun things I have gotten from the blog. This is my first "Blog Baby" so to say he is going to be spoiled with goodies is an understatement! It will be so interesting to see what I love and what I can do with out and can't wait to let you in on the deets! 

Babies are the biggest blessings in life and I can't wait to bring another one in to our family. They truly are gifts from our Heavenly Father and I know how blessed I am to be a mom. Thank you following along on this bring on baby boy!

My dear friend Ashley took these maternity photos of us and I am in love, I am forever in debt to her!