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Jeans- Gap

T-shirt- Cotton On


Romper- c/o Rags to Raches

Shoes- Salt Water Sandle

I am going to be straight up honest with you...this is my LEAST favorite part about blogging!  I love my children dearly...but I despise taking pictures with them.  Especially Parks, he is defiantly a bloggers son.  He knows when it's time for a picture and he will do something so cute like ball his eyes out on command, right as we are about to snap.  Or maybe run the other direction at lightening speed...cute right?  How about when he refuses to wear what I have planned out for him...that one is my favorite.  After doing this for about a year I have come up with a couple do's and don'ts!

  1. ALWAYS BRING CANDY OF SOME SORT- yes I am that mom.  Let's be honest though, desperate times call for desperate measures, and there is not much my kids won't do for a sucker.
  2. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER IS KEY- Our photographer is a serious gem!  Needless to say she can work these kids and photograph through the tears, blood and sweat that is actually happening behind scenes.
  3. THEIR FACES DON'T HAVE TO BE SHOWING- I learned this a little later on, in reality they don't necessarily have to be looking at the camera.  Actually some of my favorite shots are lifestyle ones where we are all kind of doing our own thing.  With that said, if Parks is having a melt down and not wanting to cooperate, I have no problem holding him close while he screams leaving me the only one who knows. :)
  4. TAKE PICTURES SOMEWHERE NEW- This one helps us a lot, kids love new and exciting places.  Whether it be the loading area behind Smith's grocery store or the duck pond.  If it is new territory my kids are happy, and let's be honest I know pictures are not fun for them, so we try to do our best in this area.  Even if they are running around exploring, great shots can be taken.
  5. MASS PICTURES AT ONE TIME- DUH!  If you don't do should.  We try to only take photos with our kids twice a month.  Not fair to them to drag them along...not fair to mom either! :)  By bringing multiple outfits we can knock out 6-8 posts in an hour...that's really not that bad.
  6. REWARD- I know I know...I graduated in Elementary Education, rewards are not the answers.  But sometimes they are...Parks will for sure cooperate better if he knows he gets to go have a picnic at the park afterwards with his friends.  If it works for you great...if not...I'm sorry!
  7. DON'T STRESS- I use to get so worked up about pictures, then I realized, it's pictures.  Here is the honest truth...I almost always get the picture I need even in all the chaos.
  8. TIMING IS KEY- Obviously don't schedule a shoot during anyone's nap.  My kids seem to work best in the morning...find a time that works good for your kids and go with it!


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