Swim Zip

image image image image image image image image image image imageHello! "Oh what do you do in the summer time, when its 105?" YOU SWIM! Yep that's what we do here from April to October, we swim, swim, & do some more swimming! Hey, you don't see me complaining though, I could think of a few things worse then sitting poolside with my besties, kicking back a cold DC! It's one of my favorite things and Jones loves it too, so we do it a lot, like a lot a lot! Let's be honest though, not everyday do I want to throw on a swimsuit, I mean sometimes I'm just not into tight when I just had a burger and fry the night before! That's why I'm loving our new swim zip cover ups...they are fantastic guys!  Even if your not wanting to throw on a swimsuit, here in Las Vegas it is inevitable that your kids will want to, and you know my motto, if the kids are happy everyone's happy.

Whoever made up the whole, "if momma ain't happy nobody's happy" was full of malarkey! We all know who the real bosses are, or at least in my family... I mean guys Jones totally runs our house, she is the boss and she knows it! I pray every night for her to have a sibling, in hopes that one day she will at least have to share her power of the house, but geez do I love her!

We have had a few huge breakthroughs this week, potty training has been accomplished, and we moved her out of her crib! I mean my mommy heart strings are being pulled at every which way, my baby is not a baby anymore! I know what your probably thinking.... You just put her in a bed?? You just potty trained her??? Please don't judge... I had always planned to just move her into her big girl bed when I got pregnant, as that has taken quite a bit longer then expected, I finally had to come to the realization just because I'm not having another baby, doesn't mean Jones isn't growing up. That may or may not have been my excuse for taking so long to potty train her too, or maybe that was just pure lazines... Either way my baby is not a baby anymore, and I am truly a proud mom. It's the little things like your kid running up to you and telling you that she has to go potty, that just make you want to burst with excitement, or tears! Yes it may sound crazy, but never were there sweeter words to my ears! So here's to a new summer with me adding a fabulous cover up to my collection, and not having to buy swim diapers for Jones, it's already looking amazing!

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