unspecified-340 unspecified-341 unspecified-342 unspecified-343 unspecified-344 unspecified-345 After baby number 2 I quickly realized that that jiggle behind me (coming from my bum) was not going to go away on it's own!  People, I honestly...dead serious had not worked out since high school!  Let me help you out...that's 10 YEARS FOLKS!  So naturally the thought of working out actually made me kind of sick to my stomach if you a little puke would come up when I thought about it...Gross I know. However the situation with my bum...was not going anywhere...I finally sucked it up and decided something must be done.

My cute neighbor told me about a boot camp class that was going on at the park for $15 a month.  I mean even if I went once...for $15 I felt like it might be worth it.  So I dusted off my old Nike's and went to give it a go.  No joke...15 min in I dead serious thought I was going to throw up.  That's when it hit me...WOW...You are SOOO out of shape!  I continued to go for about 4 months. know I was feeling all sorts of good about myself.  Then Christmas came, all it took was 2 weeks of vacationing...boom...completely off the work out train!  It was that easy.

At the end of January my lash client told me she had just had the best work out of her life.  As with all my clients, I acted interested and rolled my eyes at the same time as she told me she had joined a studio where she did "spin."  I had never done a spin class before and definitely never intended on doing so in the near future.  However this client said something that struck me, 1. The classroom is dark, 2. They bump club music the whole time, and 3. They have neon lights flashing.  Now I'm interested...anyone that knows me knows I love a good dance party!  Obvious next question...How much is it?  She responds with "They are having a deal right now 4 classes for $4."  I'm sold.

A week later I find myself sitting on a stationary bike with 30 other people in a dark, hot, steamy room.  That was the worst/longest 45 min of my life...I was nauseous from the heat/excessive cardio that I was definitely not use to.  As crazy as this sounds, I signed up to go again 2 days later, I came out I could actually walk.  So then I signed up again the next day...I LOVED IT!  It almost gave me a I knew what all those crazy freak work out people were talking about.  Since then I have tried to go 4 times a week and I truly LOVE it.

Not only am I getting a great work out in 45 min, but I am loving that this one hour of the day is devoted solely to ME.  As a mom I don't have time to stay at the gym for a couple hours, I'm actually really lucky that Christian can stay home for an hour while I do this.  I think "me" time is so important, even if it is only an hour a day.  It's also so important to stay fit not only for yourself, but for those that love you as well.  I mean when going up and down the stairs put me all sorts of a huff and puff I was time...past time.

Thanks so much to Prism Sport Athletic wear for making us look like we actually know what we are doing!  Check out their site, they have the greatest selection of workout clothing.  Both of our pants have matching sports bra's underneath, we have loved every bit of them!

JayCee's cropped pants/sports bra

Kenzi's cropped pants/sports bra

Stay tuned for a more detailed description of our work out, our amazing studio and how it has helped us physically immensely![show_shopthepost_widget id="1569203"]