Perfectly Pink

Hi guys! So Tuesday's are my jam! I get to wake up and head to spin first thing, which I just love starting my day off with! I then usually call the hubs, and he puts his and Jones breakfast order in from MCD! You know I don't mind that a bit, because that means a nice fizzy DC in a FOAM cup! Jealous yet??? Just wait, it gets even better! I come home, we eat our MCD, and then I get to clean my house, which you may think sounds awful, but sometimes it just feels good! You know what I mean?? I then hurry and get me and Jones ready for my favorite part of the day... I meet up with my girls! It doesn't matter what we do, or wher we go, I love it! I look forward to it every week! There is nothing more special to me than family and friends, and although they can be a royal pain, it is so fun to see all our kids interact, all their different personalities come alive, and seeing a whole new generation of friends being built. Hope you all had a happy Tuesday and are looking forward to an even better "HUMP DAY!" If your needing a little mid week pick me up head over to for some cute finds! I got this top from there, it is so light and will be perfect for our insane heat here in Las Vegas this summer!



p.s. How about that bag... And did you by any chance notice it says JRW... Yup it does, if you can't guess, those are my initials! This bag is from it's so spacious but super light! They have all different cute patterns that you can customize, and of course the INITIALS!! Love it!

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