Packing Light

unspecified-521 unspecified-522 unspecified-520 unspecified-519 unspecified-518 unspecified-517 unspecified-516 unspecified-515 Hey Guys!

So my life has been crazy and I have been totally MIA! I apologize for that! June is our crazy though! We celebrate all our birthdays, and then we have both of our family reunions. This year we added two graduations to the mix just incase we weren't feeling like our plate wasn't full enough, which it was. I have found though if I can manage my packing for are vacations that the crazy is tamed just a little. I don't pride myself on a lot of things, but quite awhile ago I learned if I stop over packing and just bring what I need, I have to carry a lot less and Unpack and wash a lot less when I get home. So here is how I do it.

  1. The first thing I start with is SHOES, I only bring neutral and I only allow myself to bring two pairs, one flat and one heel.
  2. From there I pick out my outfits, only one outfit per day, and I try to incorporate different pieces for different outfits so its makes for lighter packing.
  3. Then I do accessories, I do this similar to the shoes I only bring one set of all accessories so again they have to go with all the outfits I bring.
  4. I try to wash my hair the day that I leave for a trip so I don't have to bring shampoo, conditioner, or a blow dryer. Which I feel like frees up a lot of space.
  5. I then pack my toiletries, pajamas, and all other necessities.
  6. I have also found sharing a suitcase with either Jonesy or Justin always makes me more conscious of packing light so that there is enough room for them too!
  7. Lastly I try and always pack a small trash bag for all of our dirty clothes to go into and when we travel home I use one suitcase for dirty and the other for clean, which makes for easy clean up when you get home.

That's my little tid bit on packing, I feel like it has helped me out, and also makes things easier when you are on your vacation because you only have what you brought, and there is no deciding when you are on your trip. Hope you are all enjoying summer, and are going on trips with your friends and family, and aren't spending too much time stressing about all the packing!




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