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As most of you know, a week after I had the twins I had quite the scare with KoKo. I wanted to share with you guys that story, and what has helped me to continue to sleep easy at night. So here's my Owlet Baby Monitor review.!

Exactly a week after the twins were born, we were feeling a little stir crazy especially Jonesy! So Justin offered to take her down to the hot tub in our neighborhood, while I stayed home with the twins. If you are a mom of more than one child, you know this was music to my ears. A few minutes of peace with my two new babes. I finished feeding them, burped them, changed them, swaddled them, and then placed them in their bassinet. If you don't remember one of the tips I was given, was to nap my twins amongst the chaos and noise, so thats exactly what I was doing, they were right there in the kitchen with me. I was busily running around cleaning and setting the table for dinner.

Frankie had kept spitting out her binki and fussing, so when I heard a cry out I assumed it was her wanting me to put the bink back in. I have to admit to you all...normally I am the type of mom who will let them fuss for a bit and let them self soothe themselves, but for some reason this time I went straight over to the basinet to put the binki in, when I looked in, to my horror, my sweet KoKo what completely purple. I immediately reached in and grabbed her, put her stomach on my hand, and started patting her on her back. She was as hard as a rock, as though I could have broken her in half. The fear I felt in that moment I can't put into words. My first instinct was to call Justin, unfortunately he did not answer. Don't ask me why, but I was so panicked I ran out my front door and started screaming for him in some hopes that he may be able to hear me from the pool. By this time I am in absolute hysteria. I knew I had to pull it together for my baby girl though, so I ran back inside and tried to call Justin one more time, thank goodness he answered. I hung up with him and called 911 immediately.

All the while my sweet angel was getting more and more purple and her gasp for breaths were getting further and further apart. What seemed like hours was only 9 minutes as I waited for the ambulance. The whole time I was waiting I had never felt so helpless in my entire life. I just kept thinking my baby is just going to die right here in my hands, and I won't be able to do anything. When they finally arrived they put oxygen on her immediately, and then KoKo and I got into the ambulance and headed for the ER.

When I got their they admitted her right away. The first thing they told me is her temperature was 94.9. Which obviously is WAY too low. They began to prick, poke, and draw blood which seemed like took hours. Finally my mom and Justin arrived, and as they did the Dr. explained to me that a low temperature in infants is sign of infection, so they would be treating her as if it were infection. Instantly my body became ill all over, I was dizzy, nauseous, and scared out of my mind. I knew what infection meant, because that is exactly what I had five years ago that nearly killed me. (A whole other story) The only reason they say I survived is because I was a healthy 22 year old, and most the time patients who die from this are infants or old people. I was in a chair when the doctor was telling me this and I could tell I was about to pass out, so they moved me to a bed as I watched my baby helplessly lay there. My mom came over to me and whispered the sweetest prayer in my ear for my baby girl. I quickly gained my strength back, but still the doctor or nurses weren't saying anything. They were just all hovering over her, continually pricking her and poking her. When they finally stabilized her they said we would be moving up to the PICU.

When we got up there, we got to finally talk to a doctor, he was very sweet and explained everything very clearly to us. He explained to me and Justin that they were treating it as an infection and needed to do one more test on her, which would be a spinal tap for meningitis. I looked at Justin and said I can't see her hurt anymore, so I went out to the lobby with my mom and dad. As I was sitting out there I said to my mom, " I'm not scared anymore that she is going to die, the thing I am most scared about is how do I go back to being normal when I get home? How will I sleep at night, continually thinking she may relapse again?" That was my fear, not only did I have this baby, but I had another infant at home too. How could I be a Mom to them and not be a total wreck. How would I ever be able to sleep again? I thought I was going to be a wreck!

Luckily I had a solution.... The Owlet Baby Monitor. It has truly been a lifesaver for me and KoKo. If it weren't for the Owlet Baby Monitor I don't think I would ever be able to sleep again, it does the worrying for me! The Owlet Baby Monitor is a little bootie that slips on your babies foot, all while detecting oxygen levels, and babies heart rates. I have never been more scared in my entire life then in those nine minutes I was on 911, I never want to feel like that again. So if it does ever happen again, we will be ready. If your babie's oxygen levels or heart rate fall outside the preset zone, the Owlet Baby Monitor is designed to notify you on your phone and the Base Station. It truly is a little miracle. It has worked so good for us, and it is easy to set up on your phone which is always an added bonus. It comes with multiple booties, so that it can grow with your baby. It connects right to your smart phone and can be used anywhere! My biggest fear leaving that hospital, was that I could never go back to normal, never set my baby down, never stop thinking that it could happen again at any minute. With the Owlet Baby Monitor all those fears were much less then I thought they would be. We are so happy to have our sweet KoKo home and healthy, and so happy to know both her and Frankie are in better hands because of the Owlet Baby Monitor!


I truly believe in this product, and if you are at all even in the slightest a nervous mom, this will help you sleep easy at night, and let you get some stuff done during the day, so you are not spending it constantly checking to see if your babies are breathing. If you are looking for that one thing that you absolutely need on your registry, this is it! You will not be disappointed I promise, you will probably sleep much better at night too, and don't all of us new moms need this!