Overall's on Repeat


It's Sunday night and me and Justin are falling into bed! I honestly just said to him, "I pretty stoked that it is only 9:00, we have all three kids asleep, and we have cleaned up the house too!"  We started our day at 6:40, with a wake up call from the twins, and feels like we kinda haven't stopped since! So to be laying in my own bed, knowing I'm about to watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy, and chomp on some ice, makes me a happy girl! Yes you read that right, I still am craving ice from my pregnancy! I can't help myself I love it! These overalls have also been a love of mine since the twins were born..... you know BAGGY, COMFY, and pretty much don't touch me, thats what I like wear these days, and these fit all those descriptions! I promise they will not disappoint!