My Perfect Date

_MG_9595 _MG_9597 _MG_9598 _MG_9600 _MG_9601 _MG_9605 _MG_9606 _MG_9607 _MG_9609 Hi Guys!

We are officially home for the next month and I'm pretty happy about it! I feel like I am still playing catch up on laundry, but things are starting to settle down. It's Friday night which means tomorrow is Saturday.... Which means it is Date night! With all of our back to back trips I feel like I haven't got a night out with Justin in so LONG! Not to mention he just finished finals today, so he has been non existent! SO.... Tomorrow night is going to be kicked off with a little Taco y Taco, followed by a LARGE bucket of popcorn, a Tall Diet Coke, and Tarzan!! I mean can you tell I'm excited?? Because I am! It's the little things in life that get me so giddy! Anyways I know I have said it before, but I will say it again! I feel it is so important to continue to Date your hubby! Plus it makes me actually put on a cute outfit, spruce up my hair, and put my favorite lipstick on! Bonus, Justin usually even puts cologne on! Which I totally dig! Not only do I believe it is good for a marriage to have a set time for each other, but good for your relationship with your children! When we get home from date night it's like were giddy to see Jones all over again, even after maybe a little hectic day! So I challenge you to make the date! You will not regret, you may actually even get a little HOOKED!




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