My Letter to Santa!

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Dear Santa,

I wish I could sincerely write you and say that I have been the "nicest" girl this year, but that might be a fib, and I wouldn't want to give you any more reasons than I already have this year to not give me exactly what I want.  With that said, I may have been a little naughty, but for the most part pretty "nice." Any other year, (when I am not pregnant with twins) I would ask for clothes, and gift cards to buy more clothes. Anyway, because of my circumstances this year, my Christmas list may be a little different!

This year the number one thing on my list, is that these twins will stay in till Christmas. That way I can work up until Christmas and get all the crazy holiday things I need to accomplish done. Second thing on my list, that I can find a car that is in my budget, will fit a family of five, has low mileage, and preferably white!  Thirdly, I would like to spend as much time as possible with my family during this holiday season, as I know with the twins coming it will bring so much joy and excitement, but at the same time it will never be just the three of us again!

If you really want to make me happy, on a more materialistic list, I wouldn't mind some new shoes, and a few accessories such as chokers, hats, and blanket scarfs. I would never deny a new pair Nikes, Adidas, or really any pair of cute kicks! I would love some boots, any kind really! Some new bedding for my bedroom, the chocolate milk stains on my comforter are starting to get to me.  Some new throw pillows for my couch, the ones I have are pretty much hanging by a thread. Lastly, I would love a new light over my kitchen table!  Wow...I guess I wanted more than I thought... :)

Truly... the thing I really want for christmas is to just be with family, enjoy our traditions together, be able to see the excitement on Jones face Christmas morning, talk to my brother who is on a mission and I miss like crazy, and to have a safe and healthy delivery of my twinners!

Santa I hope you have had an amazing year and that this letter finds you well and happy! I truly love you, and everything you stand for! I will never stop believing in you no matter how old I get, because I know the rule, if you don't believe you don't receive!


JayCee Wall