How I Swaddle My Babies


One thing that I credit my twins for sleeping so well is a proper swaddle. Both the product and the way I chose to swaddle them I think helps. I have tried many different types of swaddlers and one of my favorites is Lou Lou and Company. They are super stretchy, which allows them to grow with your babies. I have had many questions on how I swaddle my twins. I have taken some pictures below to demonstrate the steps of how I swaddle them.

1. First I fold the swaddle into a triangle. If your baby is bigger don't fold it all the way over.

2. Second I place my babe on the swaddler, with their ears lined up with the top of the triangle.

3. I take one corner with one hand, while holding down the babies arms down by their side while I wrap the corn completely under their bum.

4. I then fold the point of the triangle up over their feet.

5. I then take the other corner and wrap it all the way around until their is no blanket left to wrap.

 6. I then tuck in the end of the corner so I does not slip out.

The tips and tricks are to make sure their arms stay down to their side and you keep the swaddle as tight as possible. The reason for this is so when your baby is startled they do no awake themselves. I love swaddling my babies and they love to be swaddled too! Hope this helps if you are looking for ways to swaddle your babes!

Ps. Remember this is what works for whatever works for you!

Xoxo, JayCee

Gold blanket 

floral blanket