Fawn Design Bag

Most of the time I am in mom mode, wether I'm running to the grocery store, at the park, or chasing little boys!  With this being said, I am all about convience, and it's always nice to look good while being so...right?  That's why my new Fawn Design Bag might be my all time favorite.  A diaper bag should not have to look like a diaper bag, but it should have to have all the necessities that a great diaper bag has, and Fawn Design nailed it on this!  I mean a backpack?!  Hello hands free people... with two crazy boys I need all the hands I can get.  Plenty of compartments inside, leather, and plenty of mom pockets as well.  It was a home run for me folks... Thank you Fawn Design! XoXo unspecified-52 unspecified-53 unspecified-54 unspecified-55 unspecified-56 unspecified-57 unspecified-58 unspecified-60 unspecified-61 unspecified-62 unspecified-63 unspecified-64 unspecified-65


Jeans - Sweater - Leopard Heels - Fawn Bag -


Sweatshirt - Jeans - Shoes -


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Photos by: Christine Olson Photography