Father's Day

When I grew up Dad to me was...

  1. He was the guy my mom got when she was at her wits end, and all of a sudden when I heard him coming down the hall my voice got gradually quieter, because I wouldn't be caught dead talking to mom that way, with dad listening.
  2. He was the guy mom said to go ask, when I was asking her to do something that was probably questionable, and she didn't want to probably deal with the whining, and she knew I wouldn't give him the crap I gave her.
  3. He was the guy who traveled endless hours on endless airplanes, and most the time I didn't know where he was going or when he was coming back.
  4. He was the guy if I did something good I wanted him to be the first to know, but if I did something bad, definitely the last!
  5. He was the guy who taught me that the Teacher was always right, student is always wrong.
  6. He was the guy I couldn't squeeze a Penny out of.
  7. He was the guy that sided with my mom no matter what.
  8. He was the guy who constantly worked.
  9. He was the guy who was taking me to the lake, and making sure I participated_MG_6809 _MG_6810 _MG_6813 _MG_6819 _MG_6824 _MG_6827 _MG_6836 _MG_6843 _MG_6848 _MG_6849 _MG_6860 _MG_6861 _MG_6869 _MG_6871 _MG_6874 _MG_6875 in at least one activity.
  10. He was the guy who was sitting next to mom at every dance, cheer, soccer, choir, piano and so many other activities with the massive video recorder on his shoulder.

Who my Dad is to me today...

  1. He is the guy that still travels endless hours, and texts me "Can you please send the weary traveler a picture of the babies?"
  2. He is the guy that says to me,  "you got time today for some lunch?"
  3. He is the guy that if I ask can I come over and swim, He says "I'll turn on the hot tub, should we do burgers or pizza?"
  4. He is the guy who says, "When is Jones' swim lesson's this week? Can I take her?"
  5.  He is the guy that I can rely on to definitely laugh at a good story or joke.
  6. He is the guy who has taught me everything I know about work, and how to do it.
  7. He is the guy I consider to be one of my best friends and miss him when he is gone too long!
  8. He is the guy who can't say no to his grand babies for the life of him.
  9. He is the guy who texts me, and ask if we want to go to the lake, and get some lunch after.
  10. He is the glue to our family, the party planner, hardest worker, best dad, best papa, best friend, and I was and am the luckiest girl in the world to have him be my Dad!

When I was younger I did not appreciate all that my dad did. Now that I am a mom and have a child of my own I have never been more grateful to have my best friend by my side to help me through this journey of parenthood. When Justin and I found out we were pregnant of course we were over the moon excited, but Just seem to have a few more reservations than I did. After Jonesy was born, I was a nut job, I don't know if it was postpartum, hormones out of whack, or just flat out crazy, but I was for some reason or another. Any way Justin stepped up to the plate. He was our sanity, he was amazing with Jonesy, and took care of me too. Things haven't changed since, he is still amazing with Jones. He is the perfect mix of discipline and fun with her! He is the guy that when she hears the garage go up she knows her dad is finally home. He is the guy that knows how to get her dressed and do her hair. He is the guy that she loves with all her heart and so do I. Yet again there is another lucky girl in this world to have such an unbelievable dad who loves her unconditionally, and I am again the luckiest girl to have Justin by my side to parent Jones together and hopefully a few more in the future! Happy Father's Day to all men who have ever loved, cared, taught, & supported a child out there in need! Cheers to having amazing men in our lives, to help us guide, and rear these beautiful children of tomorrow.



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