Twin Tips

Hi guys!

We are officially a family of five.... And like you know we became that way a little quicker, because of our sweet twins! Since I have been pregnant and had the girls I have been given some great advice from fellow parents of twins. I would like to share my favorites with you so far, that I think will be, and already have been beneficial so far!

  1. Don't get a divorce for at least the first five years. This was given to us by my anesthesiologist minutes before I delivered. He is a father of three girls, and then had twin boys at the tail end, and he dead seriously said multiple times, don't get a divorce within the first five years or make any big decisions.
  2. This next piece of advice has been given to me by many different people.... Make sure and Keep them on the SAME SCHEDULE! If one is feeding the other one needs to feed as well. I will say this one is so true. Having them on the same schedule keeps my sanity!
  3. My aunt who has twins advice to me was, you never can be too organized when you have twins. I totally agree with this having my house in order and clean makes it just seem like there is less chaos.
  4. My mom was told by someone that when you have twins to have them sleep in a bassinet downstairs in the family room during the day so they are surrounded by noise. This is something we have definitely done and it has worked out really well so far for us.
  5. Again I was told by many different people, let them sleep together. This is probably one of my favorites, because I love seeing them snuggle all day long! And they truly do sleep good together!
  6. I got the advice from one of my friends to dress them differently once they go to kindergarten. So that they can start to form their own identity.
  7. Someone told me, People will compare them. Remember they are individuals with different ideas, talents, and needs. The hardest part of parenting twins is that one may succeed and the other may fail. Love them for who they are.
  8. Lastly, is my own advice that I feel I have learned over these past two short weeks. Love them unconditionally, and remember when you are starting to have self doubt, which you will trust me,  how blessed you are that you have two beautiful babies living in your home, that Heavenly Father blessed you with. When you start to get discouraged that your life will never be normal again, which it may not, remember the joy that they bring to you, out ways anything that was normal before.