Everything a Grandparent Needs


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I recently asked my mom what her favorite thing about being Grandma is, her answer was quite hilarious.  She said, the best part about being Grandma is, I can play and spoil and have fun with my grandkids and then send them home to you to deal with!  Then she quoted "Grand parenting is WAY better than parenting."  I have to agree, they get to have all the fun, and that's how it should be!  Our parents became grandparents almost 4 years ago, it was so exciting for everyone.  Being that my parents had not had a baby in the home for many many years, they had forgotten what exactly they needed with a baby around so often.

Today I have compiled my top 10 baby items Grandma and Grandpa MUST have!

1. A pack in play of some sort, without a doubt baby will need to take a nap or have a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's, therefore they will need somewhere to sleep!  There are so many options such as the Nuna Sena Mini Play yard. sena_mini_night_2

2. If your anything like my sister and I, and you live by mom and dad, you may stop by once in awhile to have a home cooked dinner!  In this case, baby is going to need somewhere to eat!  This highchair is amazing and has so many extra features you can add on!


3. Swaddles, I can never get enough of these. I am a huge fan of swaddling my babies...they sleep 10 times better!  Don't doubt I would show up to my moms and have forgotten one though!  My mom keeps 2-3 at her house for when mom has lost her mind!  These here are my favorite and they have so many cute designs and patterns to choose from!


4. One of my babies favorite past times is going outside for a walk.  I don't think it is necessary for a grandparent to buy a big huge expensive stroller, however a less expensive, light weight one would be perfect.  This Baby Jogger one is perfect, easily folds up and down and light weight for grandma and grandpa to get in and out!


5. Lets be honest, some babies like to be held/rocked ALL day.  My mom and dad are busy people, not all grandparents can sit and rock baby while they are tending.  That's why they need to invest in a rocker or swing such as here or here.  Baby can be soothed while grandma folds laundry or grandpa reads the newspaper :).

4moms_mamaroo_plush_designer_sw_b5420 leaf_navy_3_1

6. Every baby has to eat, it's a given!  So when mom forgets the bottle, it's bad.  Baby is mad, mom is mad, grandma and grandpa are sad.  Don't let this happen, buy some bottles for back up!  These here and here are a couple of my favorites, but ask your son or daughter what babies favorite is and invest in a couple.



7. This one is totally dependable if your grand baby takes a binki or not.  My babies are all binki babies, so my mom knows that she needs some back ups at her house.  She keeps them in the pack in play, so they are already in place if my babies need to nap or sleep at her house.  These are my boys favorites, but again, ask your daughter or son which ones your babies prefer.


8. Whats better than bathing a baby?  If you are anything like my parents, this was something they always looked forward to.  Bathing a baby is such a special experience and every grandparent should be able to have this moment.  The Puj baby bathtub is one of my favorites and easy to store for grandma and grandpa when not using.


9. After the bath you know they need some delicious smelling baby lotion to put on baby.  Tubby Todd Hair & Body Wash is a pure, hypoallergenic wash that really lathers like it matters! Made with natural extracts and plant-based ingredients, their exclusive Botanical Shield formula softens, cleans, and moisturizes your little one. One small squeeze is all you need to create a rich lather from head to toe. You'll be amazed at how well it cleans, conditions, and moisturizes your little one's skin and hair.


10. Last but defiantly not least...baby is bound to have a blow out or some catastrophe that destroys her or his clothing.  Having a couple comfy onesies around the house might be helpful.  These onesies and sleep dresses are my favorite and perfect for after baby has had a accident.


All of these items can be purchased at the Baby Cubby.

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