ABC Kids Expo 2016 Favorites



The ABC Kids Expo was way more than we could have ever expected!  This was our first time attending and we didn't really know what to expect.  From nursing bras to strollers, you name it, it was there!  It was an amazing experience to be able to actually speak to the brains behind all the operations we as consumers see, we even had the opportunity to meet some of the founders of HUGE companies.  What an honor to listen and hear what they had to say about baby/children products.  After much debate and researching we have come up with our favorites from the show...ENJOY!




This company is called LUGBUG, can we say genius?! Who enjoys carting around a eventually 30-40 lb car seat?  Not me!  The LUGBUG was invented to solve just this.  By connecting this handle to the top of your carseat you now won't lose circulation in your arm after lugging baby into the grocery store!

Twin Go Carrier

Being that one of us will soon be a mom to twins we couldn't help but love the idea of a twin carrier.  Any mom knows that there will definitely be times when being able to strap both those girls in will be the best thing a mom could ask for!

NUNA aace

This beautiful NUNA toddler carseat is for children 40 lbs and heavier.  What we loved most about this carseat is it grows with your child, at 50 lbs you can remove the back and now you have a booster for that now older child.  Not to mention a's the little things right?

Skip Hop Multi Level Bouncer

This one was definitely a favorite!  Come on one item that can be used in three different ways?! As moms we all know we are looking where we can save a penny.  Here it is, I now don't have to buy a activity center when my child starts to walk, or even a little table, it's all here for me.  Not to mention you can raise and lower the legs to fit your child's height.

Skip Hop Whale Bath Tub

Skip Hop did it again with the Whale Bath Tub.  Again you have three stages of use, making this bath tub usable for children 9 months and older.  We loved the simple blue and whale design, making it not too busy for the mom who wants to keep it out for people to see, but child friendly enough that the baby will want to get in.

Skip Hop Tuo Convertible High Chair

It's starting to look like we just stayed in Skip Hop the whole time, what can we say, we just really loved their products!  Can we first talk about how beautiful and sleek this high chair is?  I want this in my kitchen now please!  This high chair has an easily removed tray to clean up after and is lined in leather for easy wipe down.  Now for the best part, when baby is done with a high chair, your high chair just became a children's chair.  This chair is not available to buy yet...but I'm going to need to get my hands on it when it is!

Aden and Anais Metallic Gold Trio

Anyone who has had a baby in the last 5 years probably owns a Aden and Anais blanket or two.  Well there is a good reason...they are THE BEST.  We have wrapped and used these amazing blankets on all our children and will continue to do so.  Now can we talk about this amazing pattern they came out with, this metallic gold print...obsessed!  Every little girl needs a little gold in her life.


We discovered this adorable little company this year and fell in love.  These Gathre mats are made up of bonded leather, they wipe clean and come in 5 different sizes.  Wether you want to take your mat to the park for a picnic, or buy the size that goes under your little ones high chair!  I need to get that high chair mat ASAP...I hate cleaning up under the highchair :)!

The MDB Family, DaVinci, Lila Crib

How adorable is this crib?  Take out the purple frills and you have yourself a gender neutral crib, which in my opinion is what every mom who plans on having more than one child is looking for.  I love the addition of fabric on the sides, really adds somethings, yet subtle enough to not be too busy.  The MDB family is a group of different companies that all sell under one roof.  They have seven different brands throughout their company, DaVinci being one of them.  If you haven't yet, take a look at their stuff!

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

Can you say riding in style?  The new 2017 UPPAbaby Vista stroller is beautiful!  We were definitely in awe at the amazing new products UPPAbaby has in store.  The new Vista 2017 includes everything you need to use your stroller from infancy to toddlerhood. The included bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping and features a quilted mattress and extendable canopy. The Vista toddler seat is extra roomy with a large canopy and included belly bar.  Speaking of the belly bar, can we talk about the gorgeous brown leather?  Not to mention that four new colors join the Vista lineup, Austin Hunter Green, Henry Blue Marl, Dennison Burgundy, and Loic White.  This beauty above is the Austin Hunter Green and it's calling my name! (Not available yet)

UPPAbaby 2017 Mesa Car Seat

If this company didn't already blow us away with their amazing stroller, wait till you hear about this carseat! The new 2017 model is available in regular fabrics in Jake (black), Pascal (grey), and Taylor (indigo). The new seats will feature softer materials, improved tailored fabrics, and increased padding, and a new travel bag is coming out soon (sold separately).  Now for the best part, they are also coming out with a car seat in Henry (blue marl) that is made with chemical fire retardants, making it the first car seat on the market released without them! (fire resistant for those who are slow like me!)  What mom wouldn't want their child to be in the safest car seat out there! (Not available yet)

Fisher Price Rock 'n Play

This is probably my favorite baby must have as a mother of two.  We both have one of the original Rock 'n Plays and they used all the time.  We put them next to our beds for the first couple of months in order to wake up and nurse easily.  It was also great for traveling, easy to fold up.  With the head slightly higher than the legs and bum it was also great if baby was congested.  In the new 2017 model, it will rock on it's own, and it has music.  Best part you can control all of this from your smart phone.  So if baby is sleeping in the other room, no problem!  How about how sleek this new design is? (This particular model is not available yet)


For those traveling or city living moms, this may your new best friend.  The doona is a brand new car seat with a unique feature, the Doona car seat's integrated wheels flip down to convert into a complete travel system!  So no more traveling with a car seat and stroller, this is all in one for you.  At $600 the donna is expensive, however if you don't need a stroller, so worth it!

THULE RideAlong Children's Bike Seat

Doesn't this just make you want to jump on a bike and go for a ride?  This particular children's seat is for children up to 48.5 lbs.  The seat can even recline for a more enjoyable ride for your little one.  I have tried one of these out personally and my little guy loved being up front in order to see everything around him.

Maxi Cosi Pria 85 (City Motif)

The Pria 85 is my first choice for toddler car seats.  I have two in my car right now and I really don't have anything bad to say about them.  With the snap cover it is easy to remove and wash when needs be.  My kids also love the drink holder, whether it be for a cup or snacks it's always being used.  The fact that you can use this carseat from infancy to toddler is another HUGE perk.  One of the new features is this canopy showed above.  Now they really have out done themselves, no more sun in their eyes!  Can we also talk about this beautiful design?

ju-ju-be BFF Diaper Bag

Every mom needs one...which ones are the best?  We have known about ju-ju-bee for a long time, but didn't know how amazing their diaper bags were!  They have so many pockets, I mean you even get your own "mommy" pocket for those lipsticks you don't want your daughter to find!  How about the option of being a backpack or a messenger bag?  Not to mention so many different patterns and colors to choose from so you don't look just like the mom standing next to you at the park :)!

Freshly Picked Moccasins

We were so excited when we saw our favorite Freshly Picked Moccasins at the convention.  Not only are these shoes adorable and there are a million different styles, they are SO easy to put on.  My littles have the chubbiest feet in the world...thanks to these babies I can get their chubs in their no problem.  No more crying and being late to wherever I'm going, because I can't get their shoes on!  And wait till you see their new 2017 line...AMAZING!

ubbi Diaper Pail

Is there anything worse than opening your diaper pail to get a big wiff of what's been in there for who knows how long?  The ubbi diaper pail is made up of powdered steel, in oder to achieve maximum odor control.  My favorite part was the sliding lid, which enables you do slide and toss faster than ever!  I also adore that you have so many choices to pick from, every mom wants their nursery to match perfectly...right?


Last, but definitely not least, another one of my favorite favorites from the show.  This little number has so many great features.  While baby is young the DockATot can be their bed essentially, keeping them cozy and safe.  As baby grows older you can use it for tummy time, hanging out or even travel.  With two sizes you can even buy one for your toddler who still might need that little extra help to not roll out of the bed!  They have some amazing new products coming out in 2017, one being toys that can hang above in order for baby to be entertained.  As well as these beautiful new prints.

Let us know what your favorites were!


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