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Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about how I juggle my day to day life being a mom, working and blogging.  So...here it is, a day in the life of ME!

  • I wake up around 8am, get ready for spin and am there by 8:30...(I know, anything to catch a little extra shut eye!) Christian goes to the gym at 7:15 in order to be back for me to go.  My kids are usually awake by the time I get back and my amazing husband has fed them and bathed them.
  • I put Lux down for a nap right before 10 and then I do lashes for a couple of hours.  Meanwhile Christian has now left for work and Parks entertains himself with his Creative Options storage bin, or other toys/movies he wants to play with until I finish doing lashes.
  • After I am done with lashes around 12-12:30 I get myself and Parks ready for the day, Lux usually wakes up around this time.
  • Boys eat lunch, while I tidy up the house a bit.
  • This part of the day is different depending on the day, on Monday and Wednesday I do errands (grocery store, returns, postoffice etc.) On Tuesday, Thursday, Friday I try to do things with friends that will be fun for the boys.  When the weather is nice we do a lot of parks, when the weather is hotter than haiti like now, we do indoor playgrounds, swimming, going to the mall to ride the train or other things to keep the boys entertained!
  • Around 3:30 I head back home for Lux second nap.
  • This is BLOG TIME!  I can't seem to ever blog when Lux is awake, which is not a bad thing, because I would rather spend time with my kids when they are awake, and work when they are asleep.  During Lux nap Parks has "quiet time" he usually watches a movie, reads books on his bed, colors, paints, or plays with play dough.  I was always nervous that Parks would become bored or uneasy during this time, but he actually LOVES it.
  • When Lux wakes up (usually 2 hours) we go outside and play when weather is nice or play downstairs for a bit.
  • Dinner time!  I "try" to make dinner 4 times a week.  During the summer this has been hard, who wants to turn the oven or the stove on when its 110 outside???  However on a normal day I make dinner while the boys entertain themselves.
  • During the summer Christian doesn't get home from work till 7:30 or 8...I know...it's horrible!  That is life though, and we have figured out how to make it work.  I feed the kids around 6, then wait to eat with him around 7:30.
  • When Christian gets home the kids are usually already in their pajamas.  In order for him to spend time with them he puts them to bed.  I love watching him one on one with each kid.  He will play and cuddle with Lux before he goes down.  Then after he will read books and say prayers with Parks, they LOVE their daddy!
  • After kids are asleep...PARTY!!!  Just kidding, but seriously, I think this time is so important with your husband.  Christian and I cherish this time, we get out some treats, watch our favorite shows and talk about each others day.  If needs be, I also bring down the lap top and finish some last minute blogging items as well.  Having that one on one time with your husband is so important.


As you can see I am a totally not exciting, normal person with a normal day to day life.  Juggling work, mom, and a blog is a lot of work, but it is totally doable with a tight schedule!

****Oh yeah...forgot to mention...Christian starts Dental school in about a month and I will have to re do my entire schedule!!  All help is welcome...I'm dreading it!


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