Halloween... with 2 year olds

Halloween comes every year, and with out fail every year around August, we start thinking about what UNIQUE, ORIGINAL, & FABULOUS costume our little families can be! Then every year on October 31st, I'm running from store to store, rummaging through my Mom's old costume trunk, scrambling to put something/anything together! Then after you find costumes that you think are actually pretty awesome, you then have to convince your two year old that they are just as cool... News flash the two year old always wins. So here's what we got this year 2 1/2 clowns, a geisha without a white face, some stellar nerds, and a grinch with a naked dog! Like I said Halloween is fun...right? So here's to yet another year that I must thank my Mom for supporting our awful trait of procrastination! Till next year when we will with out a doubt... do it all over again!