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Boyfriend Jeans- (old) Gap...similar

Leather Jacket- Nordstrom

T-Shirt- (similar) Forever21

Belt- Forever21

Shoes- c/o of Payless Shoe Source

I have to be honest with you...my husband HATES boyfriend jeans.  Even funnier...I still wear them, a lot.  Sometimes you just have to do what you want to do!  I understand that they are not the most flattering or sexy, but sometimes a girl just wants to be comfortable and not so constricted!  I mean come on, most days I am just trying to keep my clothes from getting, boogers, milk and Cheetos on them!  None the less, I do try to spice them up so husband doesn't give me the "oh your wearing those again" eyes every time he sees them.

  1. Always pair with a tighter fitting shirt- baggy on baggy can give you the frumpy look that no guy is attracted to.  Whether it be a tight graphic T-shirt like I am wearing above or a button up collared shirt, make sure it's slimming.
  2. Make sure you buy the right size- this can go either way, if you buy them too big you may look like your swimming in your pants.  If you buy them too small, you kind of missed the whole boat.  Basically they can't be too big or too small, just right!
  3. Heels- this one is preference for me.  You know I am always trying to accentuate the good.  I have seen numerous a beautiful girl rock boyfriend jeans with their tennies, and I am totally jealous.  However on my short 5'2 body, it just doesn't work, so heels it is for me almost always when I wear boyfriend jeans.  Unless I am running to the McDonald play place. :)
  4. Belt that up- not 100% necessary every time, however it does add a waist to where there may have never been one.
  5. Walk like a lady- just because your wearing your boyfriend/significant others jeans, does not mean you can walk like them.  Strut your stuff, bring out that feminine side, even though you may be feeling otherwise.

I found all my favorite boyfriend jeans and posted them below...good luck! [show_shopthepost_widget id="1966128"] XoXo Kenzi [show_shopthepost_widget id="1966131"]