Tips for the Holidays


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Hey guys!!!

If you are anything like me during the holidays...IT'S CRAZY!  I would like to share a few tricks to maybe keep just a little bit of your sanity this Christmas Season!

  1. My first tip is make a list! Make them for anything and everything, but my one that I make sure to always make is the list of people I am buying for and the amount that I will be spending on them that year. As I purchase their gift I then star their name, and when I have wrapped it I then cross it off! This has proven to help me stay focused and on task!
  2. My second tip is to wrap as you go. If you are anything like me, you have turned to completely online shopping... and even if you haven't this tip is still pretty helpful. Whether you went to the mall and bought something or it came to your door, wrap it when you get it, so you are not stuck wrapping a million gifts christmas eve!
  3. Buy your wrapping paper the year before. I like to go when it is dirt cheap and stock up, so that way when you start to buy gifts, you are not also buying wrapping paper at top dollar, on top of everything else you are purchasing at this time of year. Plus as soon as you get that first gift you already have your paper, and you can wrap it and throw it under the tree! So don't forget after christmas to go and get that wrapping paper!!
  4. Go out and purchase a few nice things for yourself, for all the functions and parties that you will be having to attend during the season. This way with all the hustle and bustle when it comes time to get ready you have a few go to's that will make your life so much easier!
  5. Bake at night. I don't know how much more I can say than that, as cute and fun as it can be to bake with your kids, it can be super stressful too, and usually make more of a mess. I'm not saying you can't bake with your kids during the holidays, but if it is for parties or gifts I just prefer to do it at night after I put jones to bed. It seems to go smoother and less of  a mess!
  6. Have Diet Coke and cinnamon bears on stock, or whatever your go to chill out snack is, because trust me we all need a break!
  7. My last tip is to enjoy! EnJOY this wonderful Holiday season! Although it can be crazy and busy it can be so rewarding and amazing if you let it be! Enjoy the treats, the company, and the beauty all around you, because before you know it another one has come and gone! Hope you all have a fabulous week, and can find some JOY in the crazy!