Lorissa's Kitchen: Healthy and Nutritious Back to School Snacks

As a busy mom, running around doing the many things we mom’s do, it is always a bonus when you find a healthy and  easy snack that your kids will love! Lucky for me  I have found that with Lorissa’s Kitchen  Korean Barbecue Tender Beef Steak Strips and Original 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks  . I love these snacks for when we are on the go, which we are a lot! When I am running my kids to different activities, and know they are going to need something  that will fuel them, I grab these, throw them in my purse and go! They are easy to  pack, and last with them and give them the energy they need for those times that matter most! 

On top of being convenient to pack and go, these are also easy to find,because you can purchase them on Amazon! There is nothing us mom’s love more than being in our own home, ordering healthy snacks, and having them be delivered to our door. If you are a busy mom,  in need of snacks on the go, for back to school,  that fuel, and can be easilly ordered from amazon then check out Lorissa’s Kitchen Korean Barbecue Tender Beef Steak Strips  and Original 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks . This post is Sponsored by Larissa’s Kitchen, but all opinions are my own.