Wet'n'Wild Las Vegas Review

This post was sponsored by Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

This past weekend we were able to visit Wet’n’Wild in Las Vegas and we had so much fun! Let me tell you, Las Vegas summers are HOT, so pretty much every outdoor activity must involve water.

Wet’n’Wild is the perfect place to enjoy this Las Vegas heat, and have fun at the same time. One of my favorite parts about Wet’n’Wild is the ability for EVERY kid to enjoy themselves. My oldest rode all the rides with my husband, while the two littles stayed near the toddler area.

The Constrictor was my oldest’s favorite, can’t count how many times he rode that one! The Colorado Cooler is always a good time for the whole family, something we can all enjoy as a family. I love relaxing in the cool water while enjoying watching my kids play. Paradise Falls and Kiddie Cove were where I spent most of my days while the two littles ran from slide to slide! I love that there is an area for them to just be kids.

The food was great, especially the waffle fries! We took a break half way through the day and ate ourselves sick with some grub. Let’s just say no one was disappointed!

Overall we had an amazing day at Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas and would recommend it to any family who wants a day of fun in the SUN!

Did I mention that they have special occasion days…SO FUN!

  • Dive-In Movies: Friday’s and Saturday’s in June

  • Foam Parties: Sunday’s in June

  • Children’s Storytime: Thursday’s in June

  • Mermaid Swims: June 9 and June 30

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