Life Time Fitness Review

Kenzi and I have recently joined Life Time fitness, along with our families. It has been amazing for us, our kids, and especially our husbands! The great thing about Life time fitness is there is something for everyone! Whether you are looking to further your fitness goals, find a family friendly community, or lay by the beautiful pool with a D.C. in hand this is the place for you.

The thing that has been the most beneficial for us is the Kids Camp! There is no better feeling then walking in to an atmosphere where you feel completely comfortable dropping off your kid. The best part is the kids like it too, we don’t have tears, or kicking and screaming the whole way there, which makes it so much easier for you to be motivated to go to the gym. Jones has taken many of the classes since we have been going and has loved them, all, including arts and crafts, tumbling, and dance! The best part is the Kids Camp will take your kid to and from their class if it is during the time that they are there. The kids are able to be in the camp up to three hours a day if they are older than two, and two hours if they are under 2.

Kenzi and I have definitely enjoyed trying out many different types of classes at Life Time fitness and finding out which ones we love! They offer so many different classes all throughout the day, so there is no doubt you will find something that fits your needs! Our husbands have loved trying all the different equipment, and have mention multiple times how clean all the machines, and weights are every time they have gone. My favorite class that I have been to is called “core” I love it, because it is a quick 30 minute class that kicks my behind and I truly have seen results in my core area! Which always is motivating to go back!

Life Time fitness is not only a gym, that is what makes it so amazing! It is the amenities which truly give you the full experience! Starting with the luxurious locker rooms, hot tubs, spa, and of course the pool. So not only do we come here to workout, we come to just really hangout, and like I said before our kids love it! We enjoy watching our kids swim, laying out on the fabulous loungers, and ordering chips and salsa pool side! Yes your read that correct they have the Life Cafe out by the pool and it has delicious food!

We have enjoyed this first month so much at Life Time fitness and we haven’t even begun to experience all it has to offer! We can’t wait to explore the amenities, classes, and getting to know the community more here at Life Time Fitness!