How to Lose Baby Weight?

So here it is guys, our most asked question EVER. I have debated writing this How to Lose Baby Weight post a million times, because honestly I am in no way an expert, a nutritionist or a dietician, but here goes.

How to Lose Baby Weight: Honest Tips from a Mom

First off I have to say that my babies are my whole world, and the body is an amazing thing. It truly is a miracle what our bodies can do to bring these angels into the world. With that said, how do we get them looking like they did before they came into the world…some things may never go back to normal!

Lets go all the way back to being pregnant, when I am pregnant I do eat more than I do when I’m not pregnant. Not excessively, maybe 200-300 calories tops. My first doctor with Parks told me that someone my size should gain 25-30lbs with my pregnancy and that’s what I have always tried to do. My mom also told me that, eating for two is a HUGE myth…so I tried to steer away from that as well!

I actually only worked out with my third pregnancy, do I think it helped? That’s a good question, however I don’t think I can answer 100% because it was my third pregnancy, and my body was so different. Meaning, it knew exactly what to do the minute I got pregnant, let’s just say I looked full blown pregnant at 11 weeks, yeah imagine if I have another?!

Back on topic here, how to lose baby wieght…after gaining it. All truth here folks, when that baby comes out I still weigh the exact same as I did when I came in. Don’t know why, don’t know how, none the less it’s the truth. My doctor says it’s because my body has so many fluids in it from the c-section, I think they are pulling my chain.

Within the first month I lose 10-15lbs pretty easily. It’s the crazy month that you don’t really remember, and everything feels like a Twilight Zone. Maybe it’s all that water weight they were talking about…who knows? After that not so much easy…

I call it, the major cut back. This may sound crazy, again not a professional, don’t quote me! I eat half of everything I eat. That’s it…no cutting certain things out, no dairy free, sugar free or carb free.

So where did this come from? Guys, weight does not come easily for me. I actually started watching my weight way back when I was 14. I realized quickly I couldn’t have a bag of Funions and a Kit Kat for lunch like the other girls I hung out with and still fit in my cheerleading uniform on Friday night. Then college…quite possibly one of my favorite times of my life. Did I gain the freshman 15, try the freshman 30! I tried every diet in the book, nothing worked. I always wanted things I couldn’t have. Did I mention I have a HUGE sweet tooth? I had to figure out something else that would work for me, isn’t that all what we are really looking for?

That’s when I tried the “Half” diet (something I definitely made up on my own…I think). This way I did not have to give up that cookie or burger I craved. Let’s get one thing straight, I’m still always trying to maintain that 2000 calorie a day diet. I also have learned to love things like protein style burgers, and lettuce wrap sandwiches.

My workout consists of 4-5 times a week of spin.

Bottom line…I eat what I want (mostly) in moderation. Portion control people…that’s what changed my '“eating lifestyle.” Find what works for you!

Daily Eating

Breakfast- protein shake

Lunch- salad, lunch meat, cottage cheese and veggies, pita and hummus

Dinner- whatever I make for the family…