All About Style Blogger JayCee

It's JayCee's 29th Birthday today, in honor of her I am going to write a few things you may not know about her...

  • When JayCee was little she was the "peace maker" in our home. If anyone was every fighting she was there trying to make everyone stop. Today JayCee is still a peace maker, with a little more spice...but I like it. 
  • JayCee knows exactly what to say to make anyone feel uncomfortable/laugh uncontrollably. She is literally hilarious and says things you would never think a mother of 3 would!
  • JayCee is an amazing cosmetologist, she can foil someone's hair in 30 min flat. Not to mention she can literally do anything with her hair or anyone's for that matter and it looks amazing.
  • She has the most tender heart. I mean she even feels bad when I get mad at my kids. 
  • She hates anything sad, and doesn't want to hear about it, especially the news! Everything is rainbows and unicorns and I love that about her!
  • She has the same lunch every day that consists of chips, salsa and cottage cheese. (yummy) Oh and 3 diet cokes...duh.
  • She is an amazing wife. 
  • She can take any piece of clothing and make it "work." Looks like a million bucks every time she leaves the house.
  • Her house is alway spotless and if it is not she has to go home and clean it or she can't function.
  • She has taken this twin thing and slam dunked it! I always thought twins would be the greatest...after watching what she deals with I may have changed my mind!
  • JayCee was born to be in front of a crowd. She sometimes subs for me in primary, teaching the kids to sing, it really should be her calling, eyes wide open!
  • She is an amazing dancer...I'll catch her one time so you can see! Gurl got MOVES!
  • She is my best friend and don't know what I would do without her!

Love you,