Pantry Organization Tips

So I finally became disgusted enough with my pantry, and decided to give it a little face lift! Let's just say it needed it so bad! I didn't go overboard with what I bought for it, and tried to make use of everything I already had. The entire project cost me about $200, which I thought was pretty reasonable, considering I pretty much was starting from scratch! The following are pictures of before and after and the steps I did to get from point A to point B!

1. I first went and bought a bunch of containers, bins, and other stuff, to see what I needed didn't need, use didn't use.

2. I then took every single last thing out of my pantry. Lets just say my kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off! 

3. I then started organizing into piles of what I would put together. I.e. snacks, breakfast food, baking goods, ect. 

4. While organizing an going through the stuff, I pitched anything that was old or overdue that had been lost in the chaos! 

5. I then started putting things back in, category by category. I moved stuff around quite a bit before I decided where I wanted everything, and what I thought would flow not only best for me, but best for my kids as well.

6. For instance, making the snack bin easily accessible, but have the candy up high for obvious reasons. Breakfast foods are front and center. because we do a lot of breakfast at our house. 

Here are my before's and after, please don't judge me! 


1. I am still in the process of getting can dispenser and thinking this is the one!

2. For my baking goods I wanted to make sure I had air tight containers so I went with these ones here. I put my flour, sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, Oreos, and Gold fish in these containers and I love them.

3. These are the bins that I used to put my snacks, pasta, chips, bars, and paper goods. The ones on the bottom shelf. 

4. These Jars are what I put my chocolate chips in, baking powder, and cornstarch.

5. I found these and thought they were so cute, they are the bronze baskets, I put pop tarts and pop corn in them.

6. These bread dispensers are the best, no smashed bread and its so visible to see when you are getting low! 

7. These are the Bins that I had before that I used for smaller storage. They are on sale 6 for 


8. These are the cereal dispensers I bought.