How to Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans

If I could give any girl a fashion recommendation this is what it would be... find the perfect pair of jeans you love and run with it! Let's be honest probably at least 5 out of the 7 days of a week women usually wear jeans. Whether they are your favorite pair of $20 ones from Target/Forever21 or your $200 pair from Nordstrom. When shopping for my favorite pair here are some things I look for...


  1. Length: this is the hardest thing for me! I am 5'2...and on top of that...have EXTREMELY short legs! I like my pants to hit right above the ankle, which can be difficult. Because of this I always look for petites, or shorts.
  2. Waist line: I'm partial to higher waisted jeans. I think this is because again I'm short and I feel like the high waist gives a longer illusion. I also love more than one button up the zipper area!
  3. Wash: I have to be honest, I usually get a dark and lighter wash. I wear a darker wash in the winter and lighter wash in spring and summer. 
  4. Pockets: As silly as this sounds, it makes a huge difference! Smaller pockets make your butt look bigger. Long pockets tend to make butt look stay away from those if you think you have a "longer" butt! 
  5. Stretch or not: I always prefer stretch over not, but that's my own opinion. I am a mom who bends down, gets in and out of the car a million times and plays dinosaurs on the rug, stretch just works better for me! I also think it accentuates the "goods" more. 

I have linked some of my favorites below!