Potty Training Tips & Tricks

"Potty Training" is there any worse combination of words. I dreaded it with my first, but I REALLY dreaded it with my second, because lets be honest... I knew what I was getting myself into! Here are all the potty training tips I have learned myself, and from the help of all of you!

  • Be extremely consistent...this for sure is one of my biggest tips. If you start...don't stop!
  • Potty train completely naked...yep you heard me...naked! When I tried to put my boys in underwear they would just pee through them and ask for another pair. When they are naked they get nervous to pee so therefore you have an opportunity to run them to the potty!
  • Full disclosure this one is TOTALLY my opinion. I feel like potty training with pull-ups is not helpful at all. The child for sure just thinks it's a diaper they can take on and off. 
  • Lots and Lots of fluids...whatever they want! Buy all their favorite sugary drinks and offer them as much as you can. Because the more they have to go...the easier it is to train. 
  • STAY HOME...literally for like a week!
  • For me it was candy... Lux LOVES candy. For others it may be stickers, or little dollar store toys. Every time he went he got a small piece of candy (M&M, Starburst, Skittle). Only problem...he is still asking...though it is getting less and less each day. 
  • If the potty scares them try a little potty, maybe one that sings when they pee or has their favorite character on it. 
  • The potty insert is a game changer like the one here. My kids both couldn't sit on the potty by themselves. The insert helps them do it by themselves, which therefore lets them have privacy instead of having mom hold them there the whole time.
  •  Have them watch potty training episodes with their favorite characters. (Daniel Tiger, Bubble Guppies, Ex.)
  • Load them up with all things salty, ALL day long! Chips, gold fish, french fries and hopefully it will make them want to drink even more!
  • Don't let them out of your site! This is key...if you let them sneak away...that's when they will have accidents! Some people I know will even take their other kids to their parents or friends house so they can literally have one on one time with the child. 
  • When they are on the potty turn on the faucet, helps them want to go.
  • Give boys a nail polish mark on the toilet to help with aiming. ( It will wash away eventually)
  • Put a swim diaper on, makes them super aware of when they are peeing. 
  • Set a timer for increasing periods, have him sit until the time is up, but if he goes potty then he gets to get up and get a reward before timer goes off! Start with 90 seconds and increase from there. 
  • A few drops of dish soap in the toilet water...makes bubbles when they pee!
  • Cheerios to help aim.

Bottom line....GOOD LUCK!