HIP HIP HOOORAY! I love it when Kenz has a Birthday, because for a few short months she just seems so MUCH OLDER than me! In honor of Kenz being an "OLD FART" yes I just said that, but if  you really know me, you know that is me and her relationship to a T, I have decided to tell you my

31 FAVORITE and UNIQUE things about my "BIG SIS"


1. I love her COOKING, anything dinner, breakfast, or of course her specialty desserts! She is bomb at it! 

2. Her love for donuts and diet coke run as deep as mine.

3. Her eyes, although they are so annoying to put lashes on, because they are so long, she has the most beautiful eyes and they are crystal blue!

4. Her sense of humor, she makes me giggle so hard. She is super sarcastic and pretty witty! 

5. I love that Kenz will be down for anything, she is always game, she will make it happen and be there! 

6. She is the most dependable person I know. She is never a FLAKE!

7. She has the best top knots!

8. I cry every time she sings, I truly love seeing her sing, and am always in awe of what a natural talent she has! 

9. She is the leader of our family, and has been an amazing example to me and my brother's.

10. She always makes the best play list for LAKE POWELL! 

11. Kenzi is a get s*** DONE kind of a girl! It is something I admire about her so much! She puts her mind to it and she does it!

12. She plans the most amazing family vacations for us every year.

13. She loves being a Mom with her whole heart, and she is amazing at doing it. 

14. Kenzi does not get stressed out easily, and is very level headed.

15. I love the way she dresses her boys.

16. She not only has amazing clothes style, she is also amazing at decorating her home. 

17. I love how when she is super concentrated she is twisting her tongue so hard, sometimes I think it might fall off!

18. I love that we are so very different, and although sometimes we may butt heads, no matter what happens we always forgive one another and will always be besties!

19. She has an unbelievable testimony of our savior Jesus Christ, but would never make it a big scene or preachy in any kind of way. 

20. She love's being with our family as much as I do!

21. The way she has helped me so much in this past year with the twins. 

22. More on that, it may seem dumb, but how sweet she is to walk up and down my stairs to carry one for me, it truly is one of my favorite things, She does it with out complaining and like its no big deal, but to me it means all the difference.

23. She respects our parents 100%

24. She loves her husband and boys with her whole heart.

25. She has unreal work ethic

26. She is sassy when needs be.

27. I love having her to go through motherhood with, because we can be totally real with one another about it.

28. I love the way she does my lashes and how fast she is.

29. I love that she always has a candle lit.

30. I love that she loves to drive, because I hate it, and we just know automatically if we are going together she is driving, sometimes even in my car.

31. Mostly I just love Kenzi, because like what I said to begin with, she is my bestie and sister which makes me one lucky gal! I am the lucky one to have her in my life! She forgives me continually, and never stops loving me. I will forever be in debt to her for her generous amount of help she gave to me this last year. I hope one day I can return the favor, but until then I guess I will just be in huge fat debt, its ok though, because that just means she has to keep me around! I love you Kenz and hope you have an amazing BIRTHDAY! You deserve it!