Transitioning to Having THREE Kids

Sometimes I still sit back and think to myself, how do I have three children? It feels like yesterday that I was only dreaming of having a family of my own, and now here I am, a husband and three kids later, living my dream. I am not going to lie or sugar coat anything, three kids is no walk in the park, somedays I think to myself how will I make it until bed time. Then I see their sleepy swollen faces in the morning and think how could I ever live a day without them! 


  • Seeing my older boys love and obsess over their baby brother is just about the greatest thing a mom could ever witness. 

  • With a new baby in the house, my previous baby (Lux) grew up right before my eyes. Yes it made me kind of sad that I couldn't hold both of them on my lap 24/7, but I have loved seeing him become a "big boy." 
  • Schedule! The more children that come in to my life the more on a schedule I need to be. I look at this as a plus, I LOVE being on a schedule! There is no way you can have three children and not be on a pretty tight schedule.
  • My two oldest have become the best of friends, hearing them laugh or discuss their next master plan to destruct our house weirdly makes me smile ear to ear.


  • Trying to find the individual time to give each child. 
  • Not wanting to lose my mind before bed time.
  • BED TIME! Trying to put all three of them to bed at the same time has become difficult, trying to work out how to coordinate that better will make my night go easier. 
  • Going to ANY type of store. Bottom line...only take two! I always try to go when Parks is at school...for my sanity. Plus I'm sick of hearing "Wow you really have your hands full!" "Uh...thanks."
  • Dressing, bathing and getting three kids out the door!