10 Romantic Valentine Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching which to me seems crazy, because I swear we just finished Christmas! It seems that's just how it is, you finish one Holiday, and it flows right into the next one! Well if your like me, and Valentine's sneaks up on you, and you feel like you are never prepared for it... Then join the club! I have gathered 10 Valentine date ideas for you and your SWEETHEART! 


1. First one is classic Valentine's day, which I must say I am probably guilty of doing every year, which is, put on some fancy clothes, and go to a nice Restaurant with my hubby! It's simple, not creative, but let me tell you it never disappoints!

2. Exact opposite of number one, which I feel like is appealing to those maybe trying to save their pennies, or maybe didn't book their sitter in advance is a good old fashioned candle lit dinner. Put the kids to bed, light some candles, and set the table for two! Whether you order food in or cook it together is totally up to you! If it were me after dinner I would snuggle up on the couch and catch up on my DVR list! Romance at it's finest! 

3. If you want to splurge a little this year, you could do a staycation! I love staycations! A quick check-in in the afternoon, stay their all night and order room service, or head out on the town, and pretend  you are total tourist enjoying your city for the first time! 

4. I again am a simple girl, my husband constantly says food, and tv are the way to my heart... with that said you will not be surprised that one of my favorite dates is heading to the cinemas, sneaking a massive piece of pizza into the movie, a large pop corn, large diet coke, and peanut butter M&M'S and I am a very happy girl!

5. If you are into a little more sap, you could plan a picnic, or pick up for your favorite take out, and drive to a spot that is significant to your relationship, and reminisce on how you fell in love! 

6. Surprise him with a bon fire, already have the tin foil dinners made, and have the smores ready to make! Bring hot cocoa and blankets, and turn off your phones, and truly enjoy each others company, and being outside! 

7. Go get pedicures together! That's it! 

8.  Check out your local theaters for any good plays, ballets, or other performing arts!

9. Make homemade pizza, and then scarf it down while marathon watching a series you both have been dying to see! 

10. And finally if you Really want to SPLURGE... Surprise your signifiant other, with their dream getaway, or just a getaway in general! This actually my dream! That one day I will wake up and everything has been taken care of, including where our children are going and staying, my bags packed, and the whole trip planned! Nothing seems more romantic then me having to do absolutely nothing beside board a plane, or hop in a car! One day maybe this will come true, and maybe it is the year for you to do it for you SWEETHEART!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day with you sweethearts! What are some of your favorite Valentine date ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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