Baby Bump Style: The Do's & Don'ts When Dressing Your Bump

I will be honest, the last two times I was pregnant I was not a my maternity wardrobe was "blah" if you will. I made it a personal goal to make sure when I got pregnant this time around I would make the most my baby bump style! I have tried on more maternity clothing than you can imagine and this is what I have decided are the Do's and Don'ts for Dressing the Bump!

  • Accentuate the baby bump, I know it may seem vulnerable to just put it all out there, but in my opinion it's more flattering!
  • I don't like to wear anything above my knee, I'm not the biggest fan of my knees in the first place and I feel like it elongates my short body!
  • Nothing too low cut...nothing worse than a mother to be with a near nip slip.
  • I think a flowing sleeve past a short sleeve is the best option. Nothing too tight or constricting on my arms...yuck!
  • For me a dress is always a go to, more fitting than less. If I wear a flowing dress it has to at least be tight above the bump or I look like I'm wearing a tarp. Might as well bring the whole circus under there!
  • When wearing a long maxi dress I love to wrap a button up around my waist, again to accentuate the bump and not "other parts."
  • When wearing pants I always go for a slimmer leg, no bulky on top and bottom.

You only get to be pregnant so many times, might as well make the most of it!

What about you? How do you wear your Baby Bump style? Let us know in the comments below!!