White Boots & All Things Fall

It's officially fall, and I for one am so excited! Most of all my reasons are the exact same reasons all of you love it too, but just incase they are different I have listed some of my favorite fall things! 

1. Fall candles

2. Boots/booties (just like the white boots I'm wearing here)

3. Being able to send my kid outside, and not feel like I'm going to get CPS called on me!

4. Layer every day possible!

5. Eating anything and everything Pumpkin from now to New Years Eve! 

Yup that about sums it up! Fall is here which means the Holidays are upon us, which is my absolute favorite time of year which I know is so cliche, but I like being cliche! So here's to the best season being upon us, and the wonderful festivities that come along with it, great food, parties, costume, decorations, did I mention food??? and of course the best part of it all, any and every excuse to be with those you love that much more! Happy Fall, may it be the best one yet!