The Perfect Athletic Wear - The STORY in between the INSTA STORY &

Fun STORY for you guys.... I decided to be a cool mom yesterday, and journey out of my four walls! Trust me when I say, this is huge for me! I packed up my three kiddies, and headed to the public pool, with all my girls. I did the normal when I got there, stroller out first, twins carseats put into the stroller, get out Jones, and headed up to the pool. When I write that it seems quick, easy right? If you're a mom you know this is no easy task, the in and out of the car is such a pain, add the 110 degree temperature, and when you are done you often think why the h*** did I decide to leave my house again? Oh yes, I did it for my sanity, I tell myself, I did it for Jones, to get out of the house! So I journeyed up to the gate, paid my fee with the three kids loading down the stroller along with all the other crap I have to tote along everywhere I go, again if you are a mom you know what I mean! I proceed through the gate, and the first thing my cousin says to me is, I cannot believe you are here, I paused and thought for a minute, as it just took me 15 minutes to park my car and get in, and I am dripping sweat all over my body, but of course I replied, "Hey I gotta keep living even if I have twins, right?" I then proceeded to sunblock all my children, put their hats on, Jonesy's goggles, and a whole lot of other stuff that took what seems like an hour, and yes I am dramatic! I finally am sitting in the pool thinking, Ok, ya I got this, I am calm I can do this!

Well then it starts.... Jonesy wants to ride the slide that I had told her about, so we go over to ride the slide, and she is too short, you guys she looses it! Absolutely hysterical, and cannot regroup, I mean, she was so far gone, so I finally decided, ok I am DONE and we are LEAVING! Again though, if you are a mom, you know you just don't go hop in your car.... I had to pack it all up, change both of the twins back into normal diapers, put them in their carseats, put Jonesy in the bottom of the stroller while she is still hysterical, as I am trying to gather everything, and I did the walk of shame, that if you are a mom, you know exactly what I am talking about! The walk to your car, when you feel like you have totally failed as a mom, you are the "mom who can't control their toddler, or pretty much anything else for that matter." Again, writing it seems like it would be so short, but this was probably another solid 15 minutes. I then get to my burning car, which I immediately turned on so it would start to cool, put Jones in her carseat as she was wailing still, put the twins both in their seats, loaded the stroller, again sweat dripping from every pore at this point, jumped in my seat, all the while Jones is still hysterical, and the thought came to my mind..... Why the h*** did I leave my four walls? Why did I just spend 45 minutes of packing loading and unpacking for no fun? Do any of you guys ever feel this way, when you venture out of the norm with your kids? I pulled into my garage for sure on the verge of a breakdown, I took Jonesy up to her bedroom and told her she was going to be having timeout for the way she acted, I then went back downstairs, got Koko out took her upstairs and put her in her crib, went back downstairs got Frankie and put her into her crib. Let me tell you there was a little miracle that happened, all my kids fell asleep, and I took a full 15 minutes, sat my butt on the couch and chilled!

I know this was such an insanely long story about really nothing, I mean let's be serious, a toddler throwing a fit is more common than anything really, but I just wanted to share this with you, because it gives you a glimpse of the reality to my life, when sometimes the social media part of a blogger or anyone's life for that matter is shown a little differently. There is so much more to everyones STORY, then their insta story, and these are the details that were left out yesterday of my insta story. I hope you guys know are lives are not perfect, just as we know yours are not. It is so easy to compare and get lost in everyones so called stories on social media, but just remember an insta story is just that, it is just seconds of a much bigger, usually not so perfect story!