A Great Pregnancy Tee

Happy Monday peeps! I am now 23 weeks pregnant and feeling larger than ever, thank you baby number 3! The doctor has moved my due date up a week and half and claiming this baby boy is large and in charge! He has super long legs (definitely doesn't come from me...)! My pregnancy is flying by and I can't believe I am already more than half way done. 

Dressing the bump can be hard, especially in summer months. All I want to wear is dresses, and I usually do, but let's be honest I am a blogger so I have to switch it up! Haha 

My second choice is always a good T-Shirt. Paired with one of my favorite maternity skinny jeans that I cut off to make cooler for the summer months. I would say my wardrobe is 50/50 comfy shirts and tighter maternity shirts. You can really show off that bump for everyone, or keep them guessing if you gained a couple lbs or really do have a babe in there! Adding a scarf is so simple yet adds so much, especially around the 4th!