Thoughts on Maternity Clothing

With my first pregnancy I hardly bought anything maternity. You know I thought I was one of those girls that didn't need it. Yeah I was wrong...come 7 months I was dying trying to find anything that wasn't leggings that would slide over my massive bum, or squeeze over my massive bump! By that time you are already feel like a cow and uncomfortable as can be, and then your clothes don't fit...sick.

With my second baby I vowed I would buy some maternity clothes basics that I thought I might wear enough to get a good use out of. I stuck with 2 pair of jeans, a black pair of jeans, a pair of shorts,  and white, black and olive maternity tees.  I also splurged for some maternity work out pants, and so glad I did. I can't tell you how much even this small amount of basics helped me out during those last months!

After the baby came I insisted that all of these maternity clothes needed to GET OUT, and I never wanted to see them again. My mom convinced me to keep them, and that I wouldn't care by the time I was pregnant again. I always listen to my wise mom, so I  boxed it all up and brought it back out for my third...she was new all over again, no need in buying all new again when you wore them a couple months! 

Now being pregnant with my third I still am using some of those items I bought almost 3 years ago. Being a blogger I do have some perks now, so I definitely have more of a maternity wardrobe then I did previously. Not to mention, I think I wear a dress every day! Dresses are something that you can buy non maternity and it will work. Just make sure when you buy if you can't try on you realize it will get shorter and tighter day by day!

Need less to day I am totally pro maternity clothing now, If your going to be and pregnant for a solid 5-6 months in m case...might as well look good and feel good! I have listed some of my favorite places to shop for maternity clothing below, from high TARGET!