A year ago at Thanksgiving, when it came time for me to say what I was thankful for I had to give the old pass, because the water works were  out of control! I mean I could not get it together. Probably for many different reasons, extreme discomfort, my pants were cutting off my circulation, hormones were raging, and so many more! The reality of it is though, I was scared out of my mind about having twins. I mean the pregnancy alone was enough to kill me, and it didn't even touch what was about to come. Still looking back, the pregnancy and the first four months are a lot of a blur to me. Most people with twins told me that would happen, and it did, but there are still moments that I remember thinking, I don't know if I will survive this! I constantly felt like I had to remind myself this is a GOOD thing, but what I was feeling was not good at all! I was feeling exhausted, over done, and at my wits end. 

My twins were waking up two times in the middle of the night, so me and Justin both took a shift. The crazy part was when they woke up, it was about an hour process from top to bottom, after they had fed, changed diaper, burped, and then back to bed. You barely got your eyes to close, and it would feel like they were crying again. So this year my first thing I will be saying I am thankful for, is Sleep training. When the girls were 12 weeks I slept trained them, and since then they have slept anywhere from 11-12 hours at night! I am thankful for babies that sleep. I instantly saw improvement with me, and my personality, and more importantly I felt like I started to bond with the twins better as well! 

I am thankful for my sweet Koko's smile. KoKo had a rough start, being in the hospital twice when she was first born. I am thankful for modern medicine, ambulances, doctors, hospitals, and loving family that supported us so much while she was in the hospital. She has definitely made a full recovery, she is a easy going baby, smiles 24/7, and has some fabulous chunk which I love so much! 

My Frankie girl comes with a little quirky personality, which melts my heart! I am thankful for her "no, no, no's" which is what she does when she doesn't want something. It is so intense and I love it! I am thankful for her stiff twirling hands and feet all the time that can put a smile on my face no matter how I am feeling. She makes me feel like i'm the greatest, because when I walk into a room she will whip her head around so fast, just to find me! 

I am thankful for babies who hold there own bottles, who sit up, who pick up there own food, and most importantly I am thankful for babies who are content and easy going and make having twins the greatest pleasure of my life! 

There are still days where I think I am going to pull my hair out, I can't do it one more second! Then my world stops as Franks gives you a grunted excited smile, or Koko tilts her head all the way down, just so she can see me, and it is all worth it again. I feel so grateful to be able to have had twins. It is not something I ever thought I would have or necessarily wanted, but I got it and it is hands down going to be the greatest adventure of my life, and I Truly am "THANKFUL" for that. I am thankful to have twins! It is continuing to become the best thing that evert happened to me!