Pink Midi Dress

It dropped down to the 70s tonight as I headed out to dinner, so naturally I threw my turtleneck and boots on! Yes in Las Vegas we are that desperate for cold, we will take whatever we can get! Any excuse to throw on boots, am I right?? Although this girl's night was a little more gloomy than usual, with the awful attack on our hometown still weighing heavy on our hearts and minds. It has been a day that we from Las Vegas will never forget! You never think it will happen to your city until it does, and it rocks your world. My thoughts and feelings were all over the place, at one point I felt my faith wavering, as I caught myself asking the question repeatedly in my head why? Why those people? Why our city? Why did so many have to die? Why did so many have to be injured? And finally how could the evil in one man, bring so much hurt and devastation to so many? And then just when I felt like my faith was at rock bottom, I heard of so many sweet tender mercies that happened at the scene of the crime. Strangers helping strangers, men covering women up to protect them from the line of fire, police, firefighters, ambulances, and so many more who risked their lives for others. My faith in humanity was at its lowest this morning as I was watching the news and saw the number of deaths increase, it was quickly restored through out the day, as I witnessed the great love people have displayed for this great city and community. My prayers and thoughts are with the ones who have been injured, traumatized, lost a loved one, or have had injured ones. Tonight I pray to love full heartily every day ,not to hold grudges, to squeeze my babies extra tight, to be kind to those I come in contact with, because we truly never know when will be our last day, and if it is I want to leave knowing I tried the best I could. I love this city, and the people who are in it, I know we will rise above this, and even become stronger and better than we were. May we all be able to find peace in our lives after such a horrific day.