Eau Thermale Avene and Teaching Your Children to be Kind

This post is sponsored by Eau Thermale Avene, however all opinions are 100% my own.

From a young age Jonesy seemed to have sensitive skin. The littlest thing seem to flare it up. I took her to many different doctors trying to figure out how I could fix it. They all gave me the same answer, it is eczema, and there is not really anything specific you can do for it. It broke my heart to see my baby girls beautiful face covered by this awfulness. It started to really get to me as I felt like we couldn't go anywhere without someone bringing it up, and telling me how awful it looked! I wanted to say back thank you, but I'm not blind and don't need to be told that, but instead I suppressed it and dealt with it by not wanting to go out in public places or even go see people. I couldn't stand to hear it anymore. The only thing people could see on my baby was the eczema that covered her face, not the beautiful bubbly baby that I knew and loved so much.

I feel this is why my heart strings were tugged so much when I saw the video of sweet Carissa and her own journey of dealing with her severe eczema. I am fortunate that Jones was a baby and does not remember the comments that were made and said about her face. Carissa on the other hand was not as fortunate. She is old enough to recall and remember being bullied for her eczema, which breaks my heart. Something that she was struggling with personally, and at no fault of her own, her parents or anyone else and she was made fun of for it.

When I saw this it made me think twice about the things that are truly important, and what we need to be teaching our children everyday. Yes there is no doubt in my mind that we have many responsibilities of what we need to teach our children, but the one that should be on the very top of the list, should be to be KIND. At the end of the day it does not matter who's kid was the smartest, most talented, or most athletic. To me all that matters is that I know when I send my babies to school that day they are able to be kind to the ones who need it the most and lift them up. 

Luckily Carissa was able to find relief from the severity of her eczema when she found Avene Hydrotherapy Center in France. They were able to provide her with the products and treatments that are based on the soothing power ofEau Thermale Avene she needed to change her skin, and help give her the confidence to dismiss the bullying and make true friendships. If you are anyone you know is suffering from eczema these products are for you, during the month of October Eau Thermale Avene is donating 100% of proceeds of this kit that includes three of their main products, to the KIND Campaign, and organization that teaches kindness and empathy to kids across the US. 

May we all remember to be a better example to our children by being kind especially to those who are suffering from hardships and medical conditions. Please Go to avenues.com/hope to watch the full video on Carissa's touching story of her overcoming not only her battle with eczema, but also the remarkable recovery of being bullied and rising above it! 

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