A little about what we have been up to.... We have been going nonstop pretty much since summer started! It has been a blast, and a little crazy all at the same time! I love traveling, but lets be honest it is a lot of work with the kiddos! Not only have we been traveling a lot, but in June we also celebrate Justin's, mine, and Jonesy's birthday so by the end of June I usually can't even stand the site of cake, and that is saying a lot for me!

Justin is on break for school for the summer, and is studying for the DAT, which is the entrance exam for dental school. He will start his final semester of his undergrad this fall and be graduating Christmas time with the goal of getting into dental school fall of 2018. So we have been totally taking advantage of him being home trying to soak up every second that we can together, since it is normally not like this! We have loved having him home and I have really enjoyed the extra help!

Jonesy finished her first year of preschool this May and loved it! She had a few weeks of a summer break, and now she is back enrolled on Tuesday's and Thursday's for a little summer program, for her's and mine sanity! She got to go to the beach house with Justin's family, and she hardly got any attention being the only young one.... clearly I'm kidding.... we then got home, and headed straight for Lake Powel,l where she was surrounded by a ton of her cousins, she had the time of her life on both trips! While we were in Lake Powell she turned the big 4, and we are already talking about when we turn 5! Heaven help me!

The twins are getting so chubby, and their personalities are really starting to show! I love this stage of baby, where they start to really interact and giggle! It's so fun! They are starting to coo a lot, and lay in their beds and talk and its the cutest thing! They are rolling a ton, but not sitting up yet, but I'll tell you I am very excited for that mile stone!

As for me I turned the big 28 this month, so I'm feeling as though my 20's are coming to an end, and it kinda makes me sad, but I have heard that the 30's are amazing so what the heck! I am still working one day a week at the salon doing hair, and still doing lashes non stop! Everyday I feel like I get a little more used to having 3 kids, I even took them all out to lunch today, which is huge for me! I am still loving my spin classes, it is my little escape for 45 min, where I am not a mom, hairdresser, blogger, or wife, I am just me, and I love it! I am loving this time in my life, and hoping it doesn't go by too quickly! So often I am wishing time away, but today I am ok with it going a little bit slower, so I can truly enjoy what is going on around me, and appreciate all I have been blessed with! Summer is my absolute favorite time, reunions, pool, lake, bbq's, traveling, and so much more! I hope you all are taking the time to enjoy your summer, because whether you are old or young it always goes by too quickly!