I like to do this every 6 months or so...and I'm due...so here are 10 things you may now know about me!

1. I always thought as a young girl I would have a lot of boys...and it's now a reality!

2. I love to go through the McDonald's drive thru almost as much as I love Target. A diet coke in a foam cup and a sugar cookie hits the spot for this mamma.

3. I love boating more than anything, but I hardly EVER get in the water unless I am at Lake Powell. #wimp #hatewashingmyhair

4. From the ages of 10-12 I had a serious sticker collection. I bought card protectors, like for baseball cards and put one sticker in each pocket. Now looking back I realize this is VERY strange.

5. I hate when my husband shaves his face clean. A little scruff is where it's at.

6. I am OCD about getting my kids ready everyday, but most days I look like I legit just went camping for a week.

7. Pepperoni Digerno pizza is one of my favs, and I could eat it twice a week.

8. I have lived in Las Vegas since the 8th grade, but before that I had been to 8 different schools while moving around the United States.

9. I use to sing and do the sign language of Colors of the Wind from Pocahantas at every talent show that came up. Why didn't I switch it up? Don't fix something that's not broken, and I moved so much no one knew!

10. My husband is younger than me, go on, call me a cougar.