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unspecified-112 unspecified-113 unspecified-115 unspecified-116 unspecified-117 unspecified-118 unspecified-119 unspecified-120 unspecified-121 unspecified-122 unspecified-123 unspecified-124 unspecified-125 unspecified-126 unspecified-127 unspecified-128 unspecified-129 unspecified-130 unspecified-131 unspecified-132 We were able to help out with something very cool this past week and are so excited to share it with you guys!  First of all these dresses are beautiful, is she not amazing!  We can't sew a straight line so we were thoroughly impressed!  This dress company is called Poppyseed, because most women find out they are pregnant at 4 weeks, at which time their tiny baby is only the size of a poppyseed!  The owner and her husband called their baby poppyseed for the first several months of their own pregnancy.  These dresses are designed to fit from when you first find out you are pregnant, to the day you walk into the hospital, and after pregnancy, how convenient is that??  The dress has dual separating zippers that are sewn onto inverted pleats, allowing the wearer to change the shape of the dress, and they are proudly made in America!  They are having a kickstarter http://kck.st/1So6nJ2 right now over at poppyseedclothing.com.  It is their last day to complete their goal before it is over... So head over their quick!  Here you can watch a video that greater explains this dress and it's functionality. These dresses usually retail for $199.00 a piece, but right now you can buy one for $149 or two for $249!

As mothers ourselves and women who know they will be pregnant again, we truly find this amazing.  Most women hate buying maternity clothing, because let's face it, after I have that baby, I don't want anything to be around that reminds me of my...bigger days if you will!  We are so excited to be apart of this and can't wait to see where this company goes.


Kenzi & JayCee


Brown Leather Bag-  c.o. Youwe.org

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