Flared Jeans

Happy Wednesday! It's officially half way to the weekend! I cannot believe how fast time is flying right now! The twins are seven months, and Jones is getting ready to head back to school! I can't believe a year from now she will go to kindergarten! Seriously that will be insane!

I have always been a sucker for high waisted anything, then throw a flare at the bottom and I am sold! So... obviously these pants have been a fave of mine! These unfortunately are old, but I found some others that I feel will do the trick! Also I keep telling myself I have enough blouses, yet I continue to keep buying them, but its because they are so easy to dress up or down. Yes that is me justifying buying more clothes, but hey whatever makes you happy right?

 We are having a pretty slow week, which is quite alright with me after the crazy weeks we have had in the past, Jones sick, Frankie sick, and then me! Ya never fun when the kids get sick, but even worse when you do! So this week we are laying low and trying to dodge anymore sickness! Hope you are all having a fab week! 



P.S. Justin mentioned to me today, " He is all done on SUMMER!" and I can't lie I am too! bring on the fall!